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Photo of Caelyn Griffith

Caelyn Griffith - Special Olympics World Games Athlete

Caelyn Griffith loves gymnastics. She's gearing up to compete in artistic gymnastics at the 2015 Special Olympics World Games as the sole representative of the Westside Special Olympics gymnastics team in Santa Monica, Calif. More>>

Photo of Julian Hall

Julian Hall - Special Olympics World Games Athlete

When Julian Hall became involved with Special Olympics Colorado in 2004, it opened a door that allowed him to engage in competitive sports.Read Julian Hall's bio and stories >>

Photo of Abby Reznek

Abby Reznek - Special Olympics World Games Athlete

With the Los Angeles Special Olympics World Games fast approaching, athletes are training and preparing for this incredible event. Abby Reznek recently wrote in to update us on her preparations. Read Abby Reznek's bio and stories >>

Photo of Chris McElroy

Chris McElroy - Special Olympics World Games Athlete

Meet Chris McElroy. Not only is he a Kaiser Permanente member in Colorado, he's qualified to compete in swimming at the Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015. For more than 10 years, Chris has been involved with Special Olympics Colorado, which has played an important role in the 26-year-old's life. He has competed in numerous sports, including basketball, swimming, bowling, flag football, and golf. Read Chris McElroy's bio and stories >>