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Six young male special Olympians standing in line celebrating

Several of Kaiser Permanente's primary goals match those of the Special Olympics: Let's embrace diversity; let's combat obesity in both children and adults; and let's strengthen community health. In support of these objectives, many Kaiser Permanente medical staff members are joining in the volunteer effort for the 2015 Special Olympics World Games.

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Photo of Linda Mirdamadi

The Special Olympics World Games is Close to One Physician's Heart

Linda Mirdamadi, M.D., wears many hats: internal medicine physician; chief wellness officer for the West Los Angeles Medical Center; health education and weight management program medical director; actress in a Kaiser Permanente Thrive commercial; mother and wife. But the role that she is eagerly anticipating is serving as a Kaiser Permanente medical volunteer during the Special Olympics World Games 2015, where she and over 600 Kaiser Permanente physicians will provide sideline care to the 6,500 athletes competing in the World Games.z More>>

Photo of Training Drills

Heat Safety Tips to Help Make Your Special Olympics World Games Experience Unforgettable and Fun

Are you attending the Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015 (LA2015)? We sure hope so! Whether you come as a fan in the stand, to cheer on a family member or friend, or to enthusiastically show your support of your country’s delegation, we want everyone to enjoy and have a safe time! More>>

Photo of Training Drills

Preparing for a Medical Emergency

To prepare for the arrival of the 6,500 Special Olympics World Games athletes, Kaiser Permanente physicians are participating in a series of trial runs. Recently, the Medical Command Center was on display in Pasadena as physicians and Kaiser Permanente employees tested state of the art technology and responded to mock-simulations. These training drills included medical and emergency response drills, training volunteers through the use of an innovative e-learning tool, and testing other emergency response procedures using state-of-the-art technology. More>>

Photo of Kaiser Medical Support

Kaiser Permanente Physicians Prepare for the World Games

Kaiser Permanente physicians are gearing up to show the world what Kaiser Permanente medicine is all about. On Friday June 5, hundreds of Kaiser Permanente physicians participated in interactive workshops designed to address care needs for those with intellectual or developmental disabilities at the 41st Annual Irving M. Rasgon, MD Family Medicine Symposium. Matthew Holder, MD, Global Medical Advisor for Special Olympics, led a special session on the primary care needs and risks for Special Olympics athletes during the World Games. More>>

Photo of red Kaiser Medical tent

Under the Red Tent...

Medical Services provides medical care to participants and spectators attending the World Games. The medical team will triage medical incidents, treat minor incidents, and refer athletes to local hospitals for more comprehensive treatment, if needed.

Photo of Dr. Aaron Rubin

Texan Native Turns Special Olympics Sports Doc

How does a San Antonio pharmacist's son, bent on following in his dad's footsteps, land at Kaiser Fontana as a sports medicine physician? When Aaron Rubin, MD, first met and fell in love with his wife, she was a California girl, who started working for Kaiser Steel in Administration and moved to Physician Compensation for SCPMG when the two met. "She was not going to move to Texas, so I became a Californian!" More>>

Photo for Dr. Thad Woodward

Woodward Does a Bang-Up Job with Disasters!

"I'm a challenge junkie."

Whether he's jumping out of a helicopter as a member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team or riding in a black and white in his role as a Reserve Deputy, Dr. Thad Woodward is clearly not one to sit on the sidelines. More>>

Photo of Martha Brewster

Disaster-Buster is Unstoppable

Walk into any Kaiser facility in Southern California and you'll see the "Martha Touch!" Those snappy blazers worn by the front line staff? Martha. Waiting areas designed to be open and inviting? Martha. The streamlined, uncluttered look of the receptionist's desk? Martha. "My job is helping to create an environment that our members will love and be comfortable in." More>>