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Photo of Abby Reznek

Abby Reznek - Special Olympics World Games Athlete

With the Los Angeles Special Olympics World Games fast approaching, athletes are training and preparing for this incredible event. Abby Reznek recently wrote in to update us on her preparations.

"Hi. This is Abby. I am preparing for the World Games by spending many hours at the pool practicing my events and doing other swim work outs. I am also doing a minimum of 10,000 steps every day and I am working on proper swim technique to make me faster, such as kicking and keeping my hands cupped.  A sample work out that I do is 20 lengths freestyle for a warm up, followed by practicing my events three times, and then 20 lengths freestyle kick and a 200 meter cool down. When I work on technique I focus on proper kicking, arm movement, breathing, starts and turns, keeping my hands cupped, and other drills.

"I am most excited about swimming for Team U.S.A because I have dreamed about going to Worlds and winning gold medals. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I didn't want to turn it down.  I am excited to compete against other swimmers from all over the world and represent the U.S.A."

Abby Reznek's strength and dedication is proudly displayed when she is competing with Special Olympics. A Kaiser Permanente member in Maryland, she's qualified to compete in swimming at the Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015.

Swimming has been an outlet for Abby to make friends, release stress, excel, and mentor others who love to swim. She is interested in a variety of activities, but feels most at home swimming and doing karate.

Abby is an inspiring 28-year-old who has won several medals because of her discipline and hard work. When it comes to meeting goals, Abby believes that it's about training hard, staying in shape, loving your sport, and finding a team that makes you happy.