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Six young male special Olympians standing in line celebrating
Photo of Brittany Morgan running

Photo of Brittany Morgan track and field shot put

Photo of Brittany Morgan at softball field

Photo of Brittany Morgan at event

Her Knack is Knocking Down Pins

"I like to knock down the pins!" says Brittany Morgan describing her passion for bowling, her main Special Olympics event for the past five years. "I have lots of medals."

Brittany liked bowling so much that she signed up for the swim team, then soccer, then basketball, then track and field. She’s now moved on from soccer (too hard on the shins), basketball (too aggressive) and swimming (too wet), but bowling and track and field stuck.

"She knows what she likes and we support whatever she wants to do," says mom Lourdes who, along with her husband, volunteers at Special Olympics events in the Palmdale area. "I think she’ll stick with bowling and track and field for a long time."

Like many Special Olympians, Brittany enjoys all the fun events associated with the games especially the three dances the organization sponsors each year in Palmdale. "I really like the dances and meeting people," says Brittany of her burgeoning social life.

"Many of these athletes don’t have too many other social outlets," says Lourdes. "The social aspect of the games is really wonderful for her." So is knocking down those pins.