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Six young male special Olympians standing in line celebrating
Photo of Drew Dayton special Olympian

Photo of Drew Dayton track and field


Special Olympics Athlete Defies the Odds!

Drew Dayton has come far in his life since he was adopted from Russia as a baby. Born 3 months premature, doctors said he would never talk or walk. He's not just walking and talking, he's swimming, running and kicking the soccer ball like a champ.

Drew grew up as the oldest of four children. He and his brothers and sisters were very involved in sports, but when Drew turned 8, his mom, Penny, thought it better to get him on the more level playing field of the Special Olympics.

Besides, with his brothers and sisters all involved in their own activities, Drew needed something he could truly call his own. "This is something that's completely his own," says Penny. "Just to know that he's got a swim meet or a track meet coming up is very important to him."

The Special Olympics has helped Drew grow socially and physically in ways no one ever thought possible.

"This is his thing," says Penny. "And he's making the most of it."