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A Leader, an Inspiration, and an Awesome Swimmer

Jenna Ramirez is a leader, an inspiration, and an awesome swimmer.  It all started with the Special Olympics.

Jenna's Special Olympics experience has helped her achieve more than anyone thought possible. For starters, it gave her the confidence to go out for (and win!) a coveted spot on her Eagle Rock High School swim team and its championship water polo team. "She knew she'd be the only special needs student on the teams but that didn't stop her for a minute," says mom Tina Corona.

Jenna has emerged as a leader at her school and in Special Olympics. "She has a knack for bringing her fellow athletes together and getting them to work as hard as she does," says Tina. "Her smile and attitude have made her an inspiration and role model for all her teammates."

In 2012, Jenna received the Paul and Margaret Thorsen's "Most Inspirational Athlete Award,” presented to stand-out athletes who have overcome obstacles in their lives to attain success and inspire others.

"She's a great girl," says Tina. "I can't wait to see what else she's going to do."