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Photo of Julian Hall

Julian Hall - Special Olympics World Games Athlete

When Julian Hall became involved with Special Olympics Colorado in 2004, it opened a door that allowed him to engage in competitive sports. Early on, Julian's coaches realized his natural talent for tennis. He moved from bouncing a ball up and down on his racket to winning singles and doubles matches in no time flat. But life wasn’t always an ace for Julian. He has overcome many things, including a life-threatening brain infection that caused a stroke. Through it all, Hall never lets his medical prognosis determine his outlook on life and is known for his enduring smile.

Julian competed in the very first Special Olympics USA Games in Ames, Iowa in 2006, where he earned a silver medal in the tennis singles division. In 2009, he was one of a few Special Olympics Colorado athletes to participate in a citywide billboard campaign with players from the Denver Broncos. It’s an experience that he will never forget.

In addition to tennis, Julian continues to play basketball, bowling, flag football, and track and field. He will be serving up yet another display of athleticism when he competes in tennis at the 2015 Special Olympics World Games.