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Photo of Martha Brewster

Disaster-Buster is Unstoppable

Walk into any Kaiser facility in Southern California and you'll see the "Martha Touch!" Those snappy blazers worn by the front line staff? Martha. Waiting areas designed to be open and inviting? Martha. The streamlined, uncluttered look of the receptionist's desk? Martha. "My job is helping to create an environment that our members will love and be comfortable in."

Practice Leader Consultant and branding guru Martha Brewster has worn many hats in her 29 years with Kaiser Permanente. She's worked in facilities, telecommunications, security, emergency preparedness, threat management, diversity training — you name it, she's done it. Did we mention that she also organized, coordinated, and directed the first annual Southern California Get Fit Festival?

"My old boss says I never say no — and I don't. I don't say no," laughs Martha. "I don't know if that gets me in trouble or what, but if I see something that can really help, I'm going to do it."

Helping is what Martha is most passionate about, especially if it involves disaster preparedness. So, when she met Dr. Thad Woodward at the 2003 Los Angeles Triathlon and saw his event medical tent set up, she knew what she had to do. "I wanted to make it look better. I wanted it to work better. I wanted to help him create his vision." Soon after, she found herself on a disaster preparedness committee with Dr. Aaron Rubin. Eventually the trio brought event and disaster medicine together under one tent — the Kaiser disaster tent to be specific, and it became Martha's mission to make all their lofty goals a reality!

Today the tent is a premiere emergency medical facility that can be dispatched to local or out-of-state disaster sites. "It's about being prepared and being proactive, not reactive," says Martha. "And it's the right thing to do!"