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Six young male special Olympians standing in line celebrating
photo of two brothers with a built-in cheering section

Two Brothers With a Built-In Cheering Section

Roberto and Carlos Mendoza have their own built-in cheering section — each other. These young brothers love to compete. They love it even better when they win.

"They encourage each other to push harder and finish," says mom Erica. "They both scream, 'Come on, you can do it…good job!'"

Erica got her boys involved in Special Olympics because she's always looking for new activities to keep them active and occupied — and to teach them how to swim. Roberto took to the water like a duck; Carlos also competes in swimming as well as baseball.

"Competing has given them a lot more confidence," says Erica. "They try very hard and are very competitive. Of course, they think winning a gold medal is the only option," she adds with a laugh.

Erica hopes that in addition to giving her sons more confidence, the Special Olympics will expand their horizons. "I hope that one day they'll be able to compete in Special Olympics Games abroad," she says. They're on their way.