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Six young male special Olympians standing in line celebrating
Photo of Dr. Aaron Rubin

Texan Native Turns Special Olympics Sports Doc

How does a San Antonio pharmacist's son, bent on following in his dad's footsteps, land at Kaiser Fontana as a sports medicine physician? When Aaron Rubin, MD, first met and fell in love with his wife, she was a California girl, who started working for Kaiser Steel in Administration and moved to Physician Compensation for SCPMG when the two met. "She was not going to move to Texas, so I became a Californian!"

Armed with a medical degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy, Dr. Rubin came to Kaiser Permanente in 1989 after spending time as a family physician and volunteering at Boys Ranch, Texas, a facility for troubled youth. Searching for a sports medicine fellowship, he found what he was looking for at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana, California. Today, he's Program Director of Sports Medicine.

But it's not all about sports medicine for Dr. Rubin. In addition to his duties as team physician for Rubidoux High School and the University of California, Riverside, this non-stop doc is a volunteer with the San Bernardino Sheriff Air Medics and the Medical Reserve Corps of San Bernardino County. The training and experience he gains there translates directly into another obsession - Kaiser's disaster preparedness team.

The team's medical tent will be used to help cover the health needs of the Games in Los Angeles, and it's Dr. Rubin's job to coordinate care for more than 7,000 athletes who will take part. A massive undertaking, to say the least.

He's clearly the right man for the job. "When this came up, it included a lot of what I've been preparing for over the last 25 years. How can you watch these athletes and not want to be a part of this?"