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Six young male special Olympians standing in line celebrating
Photo of Spencer crossing finish line

Photo of Spencer with medal and friend

Photo of Spencer with medal and family

Photo of Spencer with medal and 3 friends

Spencer Sizzles at Special Olympics!

Spencer Woods just completed his first Special Olympics event; but you can bet it won't be his last. As far as he's concerned, the Special Olympics is the only game in town.

"We'd tried some other activities but even though the competition level was very low, Spencer was still getting very stressed out," says mom Lisa. "He'd be on the basketball court trying to look active, but really not wanting the ball to come to him."

Enter the Special Olympics which turned out to be a perfect fit.

Spencer competed in track and field his first time out and is so pumped about the experience that he's already planning to add golf and tennis to his play list.

But while competing was awesome, Spencer's favorite thing was spending the night in the USC dorm — his first night away from home. "It really built his confidence," says Lisa, almost as excited at Spencer.

"The Special Olympics is more than a competition," says Lisa. "It's feeling that you're no longer on the outside looking in, now you're truly part of the group."