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Woodward Does a Bang-Up Job with Disasters!

"I'm a challenge junkie."

Whether he's jumping out of a helicopter as a member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team or riding in a black and white in his role as a Reserve Deputy, Dr. Thad Woodward is clearly not one to sit on the sidelines.

"I also am involved with high-end security cameras. A friend of mine owns a business, so I go to trade shows with him and we work with movie stars — stuff like that. I do project design."

Adrenaline rushes and trade shows aside, the Woodland Hills-based sports medicine physician is also a driving force behind Kaiser Permanente's event medicine efforts. He's headed the Kaiser Permanente medical team at the Los Angeles Triathlon and Pasadena Marathon several years running — a job he developed and devoted countless volunteer hours to. "I promoted myself to the Regional Director of Event Medicine. They didn't give it to me from upstairs, I just called myself that and started telling everyone that was my name and title."

The program has since expanded to include Kaiser's disaster preparedness tent — it's where Dr. Woodward's passion for helping others really shines.

A graduate of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Academy as well as the Rio Hondo Police Academy, the Oklahoma native credits his mom's strong work ethic and volunteer spirit for his relentless drive.

So how does he do it all?

"My wife is very supportive… she's wonderful. And it's kind of in my blood I'd say. I'm interested and I like doing it, I like to help the community, it's the way I was raised. It's just what you do. I wish I had a better answer!"