Truman Hobbs steps up to the plate

Truman Hobbs started playing softball just 3 years ago. Now this 17-year-old from Lake Stevens is a proud member of Team Washington, and in a recent game made the play that brought his team to victory. But getting to where he is today wasn’t easy. Truman’s success comes after much hard work, with daily training and staying active in multiple sports.

Truman knows how important exercise is to good health and to his athletic achievements. Along with his weekly softball practice, he swims 3 times a week. He’s also involved in bowling, soccer, basketball, and flag football. His coach Patty attributes his progress to his determination. “He’s very focused and he’s willing to do anything to make his skills better. He’s made huge strides in not just softball but also swimming, bowling, and basketball. I’ve been very impressed.” She notes, “In softball, at first, the timing to get the ball and the bat to meet is difficult.” Now, coming up to bat is Truman’s favorite part of the game.

Special Olympics Team Washington athlete Truman Hobbs
Truman Hobbs and a couple of his softball teammates.

When not on the field or in the pool, Truman enjoys playing video games at home and being with his cat Yoshi. In his high school PE class, some of his favorite activities are volleyball, badminton, and, of course, softball.

Truman’s coaches and family support him in making healthy lifestyle choices. Team members are encouraged to drink lots of water, avoid sugary drinks, and make sure they get enough fruits and vegetables. Truman follows the Fit 5 program, which helps athletes get the right amount of exercise, nutrition, and water. He also uses an activity-tracking wristband to help him reach his health goals.

The USA Games is Truman’s biggest competition to date. He’s excited to take part and is looking forward to a medal!

Special Olympics Team Washington softball athlete Truman Hobbs
Truman Hobbs, softball athlete on Team Washington and a Kaiser Permanente member.